Know about Kelcas Corporation's Code of Conduct

Know about Kelcas Corporation's Code of Conduct

Let’s take a look into Kelcas Corporation, a renowned oil, and gas company code of ethics and conduct, and how it ensures the ethical treatment.

According to the experts of Kelcas Oil Corporation, relationship within the workplace thrives when it is grounded in trust, and honesty. From the top managers to those at the bottom, everyone within an organization is expected to build and promote a healthy environment. This is where the code of conduct and ethics comes in. No matter the size of the business, a code of conduct and ethics is crucial to create a company culture that is to be followed. A well-laid down code of conduct will ensure everyone n the organization is clear on the mission, visions, values, and principles guiding the organization. This is to ensure everyone understands desired behavior, plays by the same rule, in order to foster an environment of trust, ethical behavior, and excellence.

Hence, let’s take a look into Kelcas Oil Corporation, a renowned oil, and gas company code of ethics and conduct, and how it ensures the ethical treatment of its employees, clients, partners, as well as its environment.

Kelcas Oil Corporation - Code of Ethics

An organization is more productive when everyone treats each other with dignity and respect. Kelcas Corporation seeks to promote fairness, integrity, and loyalty. The aim is to:

  • Promote loyalty and respect between the management and staff.
  • Value and appreciate each other in order to make the environment and the world at a large better place.
  • Bring out the best in each person which in turn contributes to the success of the business
  • Treat colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners ethically at all times.

This code of conduct and ethics reflect on the Kelcas Oil Corporation’s daily operations, core values, and the overall culture. They are addressed into 5 main domains:

1. Kelcas Corporation - Corporate Ethics

An organization that puts ethics at the forefront of its reputation is not only promoting goodwill but is also highly esteemed in society. In the highly competitive business world, customers and employees today only want to work with the organization they can trust and tend to move far away from those lagging in ethical behavior.

Kelcas Oil Corporation works in accordance with the law of the country and respects the culture of the society in which it operates. An organization that is highly diversified, it frowns against harassment or discrimination of any type. These and many more are what have earned the organization a good reputation in the society.

2. Kelcas Corporation’s Staff

Kelcas Corporation understand the importance of communication as it affects the ability to work together, be engaging, and productive. The organization promotes open and honest communication while promoting healthy competition among staff members. It holds the values of honesty and respect among the employees and this has helped them to retain talents and attract new ones over the years.

3. Kelcas Oil Corporation’s investors

A well-implemented code of conduct and ethics will attract partners and investors. Hence, making it easy to establish long term relationships both within and outside the industry. Kelcas put the interests of its partners at the heart of its operation and ensures they go far and beyond their expectations. Plus, it deals with investors and partners with all honesty and integrity. A key ingredient to building long-lasting relationships.

4. Kelcas Corporation - Associates and Suppliers

Kelcas values the integrity, trustworthiness, and reputation it has built over the years. Hence, it is strongly against giving or receiving the bribe to win Kelcas Corporation businesses by suppliers. Employees are expected to perform their duties fairly, honestly, and legally.

5. Kelcas Corporation - community and Environment

This organization prides itself on its standardized environment practices that promote a healthy work environment. Kelcas Oil strives to improve environmental performance and create a more sustainable environment through the development of effective recycling and waste management policies and practices.

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