Never miss Deadlines with Kapa99

 Never miss Deadlines with Kapa99
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Kapa99, a creative Graphic Designers company that outsources designers for big as well as small businesses.

Kapa99, a creative Graphic Designers company that outsources designers for big as well as small businesses. If it wasn’t for beautiful design, we’d all live in a drab world. Steve Jobs would have been anonymous, and nobody would buy Apple products. Graphic Design creates a deep impact on your brand's recognition.

Kapa99 designers are professionals in work ethics. The values followed by Kapa99 graphic designers save your time by delegating your projects in less than 5 minutes, regardless of what it is; it saves your money by expanding your marketing budget by using your graphic design savings and we get to know you and your brands intimately to avoid multiple revisions which lower your frustration level.

Kapa99 have the following values:

1. Customer commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive and valuable difference in our customer's lives.

2. Teamwork

We work together with our customers to meet their needs and help them achieve their goals.

3. Punctuality

We commit to deliver all files within our estimated time range.

4. Quality

We provide outstanding graphics and support, creating a premium experience for our customers.

5. Accountability

We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

All these values never let Kappa99 clients miss their deadlines.

To save time, Kapa99 creative designers follow the following tips which help designers save their and your valuable time:

1. Photoshop Batch Editing function

Many experts including Kapa99 consider this functionality as the ultimate time-saver for graphic designers. But the sad fact is that most designers do not know about this functionality and end up losing their valuable time. But Kapa99 never misses on such things which are efficient for its graphic designers and its clients.

Conventionally, editing each image from a bunch of images takes a considerably long time in addition to being a daunting and boring task. But the Photoshop Batch Editing tool enables Kapa99 to edit many images at once if it wants to apply the same edit/action on all of them. This way of batch editing of images will surely help you in saving more time than you may use for other important chores.

2. Use InDesign style sheets

A lot of the time of graphic designers is consumed with formatting. However, it is smart to know that CSS style sheets can save valuable time that’s otherwise consumed in the time-taking process of formatting. CSS features an InDesign style sheet to do the formatting task quickly and efficiently.

While using InDesign style sheets, Kapa99 can save character styles, table styles, paragraph styles, and object styles to style panels.

It can then instantly access the saved style sheets from the style panels and apply them to any text or object for its formatting.

3. Use your keyboard shortcuts

Yet another solution to saving time while working on Photoshop and InDesign is to create your custom keyword shortcuts. These shortcuts make formatting our daily graphic design tasks much easier.

However, it is important to create your keyboard shortcuts instead of depending on the easily available cheat sheet of standard shortcuts.

So, Kapa99 finds out which applications or tasks we perform frequently and sets up the keyboard shortcuts for itself.

This will help you decrease your total time spent on designing tasks that you repeat 3-4 times a day. Kapa99 put your unused logos etc. in one document.

4. Kapa99 graphic designers put its unused logos etc. in one document

One of the basic graphic design tips followed by Kapa99 is to put its logos in one document. Many designers waste precious time in searching for unused logos or icons from their desktop computer files. As a designer, you may need unused logos, designs, icons e, etc. fetch design reference, inspiration, or ideas anytime. To ensure an ick access to these unused graphic designs, but all of them in an InDesign or Photoshop document. Then, whenever you need them, you can get them quickly for repurposing.

By following these tips Kapa99 saves you valuable time and you never miss your deadlines.