The Most River Edge of Days

The Most River Edge of Days

Journeys into River Edge

It was a very different type of Memorial Day this year – but it has been a very different kind of year - one day feeling so much like the previous one but so different than one is used to.

This got us to thinking about the most “River Edge” of days. Traditionally, to me Memorial Day is one of those days. It is a chance to connect with friends and neighbors that have not seen for a while. It is also a chance to connect present with Memorial Days of the past – to silently recall and thank those from prior holidays who are no longer with us. As I memorialized those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, I also silently thought of and thanked friends, loved ones and neighbors who used to share that time and space with me.

So, to me Memorial Day is one such “River Edge Day”.

But there are others such as July Fourth with the parade, speeches, activities in the park. Another is that Sunday in December when fire truck sirens announce that Santa Claus is riding through town. Some others that come to mind include first day of school, opening day for little league, the Swim Club or the Summer Softball League, the first River Dell football game, the River Edge Run, or the September carnival at St Peter's.

How about you ? Is it one of these or something else (maybe Election Day or that day in October touted as “River Edge Day” in the park or perhaps a Block Party with your neighbors) ?

We welcome your thoughts, and welcome the chance to share them here until we can do so again in person.

In the meantime, we will think of and cherish those River Edge Days.

Photo Credit:  Daisy Ortiz Berger