Take-out Food - Now and Then

Take-out Food - Now and Then

Journeys into River Edge

The past couple of months have been a challenge for many of us. This is especially true for our eateries in town. Like so many, their businesses have taken a hit during the pandemic. A number of them have been forced to reinvent themselves in order to adapt to the times. Tables chairs and dining rooms have been closed as service has been limited to take-out (We thank those offering curbside pick-up) and delivery only –and those limited forms of service have brought with them many precautions in place in order to provide protection and piece of mind to server and diner alike.

We hope you will support our local eateries – especially in these times. That support is always welcome – but these days it is a good deed as well – giving a helping in hand in a time of need. Your loyal patronage means a lot.

This recent transformation into curbside and delivery only (at least for now) got us to thinking about what might have been River Edge’s first take-out food business.

We ask for the help of old-timers or those that have spoken with old timers (past and present) As we try to find the answer. Some possible candidates that come to mind include Wong’s Kitchen (now Huang’s Kitchen), Bill’s Diner (R.E. Diner), The Village Inn (at the site of Feathers), or one of the earlier generation of pizza joints (Victor’s Santa Lucia (?), Pizzatown or Mazzone’s). There is the McDonald’s dating back to the early 1960’s or the Cherry Hill Luncheonette that served up burgers before McDonald’s was around. And there are the two former delis: the River Edge Delicatessen at the Huffman & Boyle Shopping Center or Governale’s at the corner of Van Buren and Kinderkamack (recently Dante’s).

Is this a representative list ? What do you think might be the original River Edge take out ?

While we’re at it we have a couple of more questions: What is your favorite RIVER EDGE take out of all time? And finally, as a shout out to supporting our present day businesses, who would be on your list not to be forgotten – good folks with good food who could use our support – especially now ?

Hoping you can help us craft these lists (Note “A” for your vote for the first River Edge take out; “B” for your favorite take out from the past, and “C” for a modern day eatery we should remember to help through these challenging for our local businesses).

Through it all we hope you remember to support these hometown eateries.

Article dated: June, 2020

Take-out Food - Now and Then

Photo credit and thanks: John Fugazzie