Rookie Phenom

Rookie Phenom

A Journey into Hockey

Rookie Phenom

It was quite a debut for Auston Matthews – one of those times that the reality fulfilled the hype. Four goals – all of the goals his team, the Leafs, scored that night in a loss at Ottawa.

Toronto fans finally have legitimate cause to look ahead with optimism – even as they look back to celebrate 100 years as a franchise.

This rookie flavor of the month got us to thinking about the last time there was so much buzz about a rookie – especially in Canada.

There are the obvious choices such Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby – though they were Canadians started in a U.S. market. When Wayne Gretzky entered the NHL in Edmonton it was a big deal but the fact as that he had played a few years in the WHA (his debut had been in Indianapolis years earlier).

We welcome your choices but to us the last time we saw such hype (and legitimately so) was for Guy Lafleur in 1971 with Canadiens and Bobby Orr in 1966 when he debuted with Boston.

This Matthews thing is quite something – no matter where and in what era.

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