Remembering Warm Days with Grandpa at Palm Coast

Remembering Warm Days with Grandpa at Palm Coast

Journeys into Palm Coast

It could have been any number of families. This time it was our family.

On October 23, 2019 Grandpa passed away at age 95. To folks locally he was known as Bob Siegel of Cole Place. But to us he was a Grandpa, a Dad, a Father-in-law, husband, a person of good cheer and humor, a World War II veteran who took his wartime skill as a flier and turned into a lifelong passion, one who did a great Donald Duck imitation, and our tie to Palm Coast.

Over the last moths his life he and his wife Nancy had been moved back north to Baltimore and family so the strain and burden on her could be managed more effectively and humanely.

So the house locally was sold. But the strong memories of good times together endured.

Many of those good times together in Maryland, New Jersey and New York City, his childhood home. But the best ones took place at Palm Coast or nearby - along the casuseway or the beach, on the golf course, or eating at the International Village, the Thai Resturant or Golden Corral in town or on those days where he and Nancy went the extra mile to make sure our family had a good time at places like St. Augustine or Disney.

In the end, the location really did not matter much. They were all pretty but we would have enjoyed being together at the landfill. Those times were as close as our family has come to perfect in a very imperfect world. In those moments we were less alone , less stressed, less regretful of the past, worried about the future. We were glad to be in the moment - with each other.

None of us was perfect - like any family our has had its ups and downs. But we write these words in this place because we so grateful for those experiences and the role Palm Coast played in them. Most everyone was hospitable and made it easy for us to embrace each other.

We miss Grandpa but we remember the warmth of those days - whether in the skies of Palm Coast or in our hearts.

Photo credit: Palm Coast Observer