On River Edge as Mayberry

On River Edge as Mayberry

Journeys into River Edge

During the course of our “Journeys into River Edge” when discussing what folks like about our town many have compared it to Mayberry, the fictional community that was the setting for The Andy Griffith Show (and Mayberry R.F.D.).

In evoking the term, none of these folks ever took the time to explain just what it eant to be like Mayberry

Do you think it was intended as a positive term?

Does it mean family-friendly? Neighborly?

By the way would. you distinguish Mayberry from Mayfield (Leave it Beaver), Springfield (Father Knows Best), Warfield (Ozzie and Harriet) or Hill Valley, California (Back to the Future) ?

Apparently, in an episode of Desperate Housewives, there is a reference to Wisteria Lane as ‘Mayberry’ due to the apparent idyllic suburbs where the show is set.

Is River Edge such a place? What do you think? Is that Mayberry comparison an apt one? If not, what is your take?

On River Edge as Mayberry

Downtown Mayberry

Photo Credit: Any Griffith Show Wiki