How to Read up on River Edge

How to Read up on River Edge

Journeys into River Edge

Looking for something different to read this summer while at the beach, the pool or in your backyard?

How about something about River Edge ?

Our community has a long history. Europeans entered the local scene here some four centuries ago. There was a Native presence here long before that.

The start of the “modern” era in town can be tied to three important events: The arrival of the railroad (1860’s), the establishment of a borough in 1894 (Then named Riverside – more on that in a future posting), and the opening of the GW Bridge and Route 4 in the 1930’s.

Given the amount of history surround us there are relatively few books available on point. Two books that we have had at our side as go to sources are these (Both available at the River Edge Library):

- The History of River Edge, 1693-1964 by Sigmund H. Uminski, 1965, Hauser Printing Co,

- Musket, Anchor and Plow - The Story of River Edge 1677-1976, by Naomi Howitt and George Howitt, Arno Press, 1976

In addition there are a couple of authors worth noting:

- Kevin Wright: The Bridge That Saved a Nation, Bergen County, New Bridge and the Hackensack Valley, by Kevin W. Wright (Posthumously published by his wife Deborah Powell - a book he was working on when he passed) – Fonthill Media, available at online book retailers

- Mary Bustillo Donahue: The Revolutionary War in New Bridge Landing (2014)

Finally, while we have been posting some “Journeys into River Edge from Home” over the past couple of months, earlier Journeys into River Edge features from River Dell Patch and elsewhere can be found at our “Journeys into River Edge” platform at Klusster:

Do you have some writings or recollections about River Edge that you would like to add to our list? If so, we welcome your contribution.

Otherwise, happy reading and happy journeys this Summer.

How to Read up on River Edge How to Read up on River Edge How to Read up on River Edge How to Read up on River Edge