"Hidden Gems" to be found around town

"Hidden Gems" to be found around town

Journeys into River Edge

Public officials and media types tell us that we have re-opened. However, some of us seem to be a bit more tentative responding to the invitations that it is time to get back to normal – all be it that it is a “new normal”.

Roads are busier these days. Restaurants are open offering terrace dining as each of us is tries to establish a comfort zone that can work for us and for those around us.

We have been sticking close to home. But we like to head around town during quieter hours to explore places and sites less familiar to us.

In an earlier posting we spoke of some streets less known – streets like Third Avenue, Elm Place and Oswego Place. We have also discovered other gems as we bike, jog or dog walk about town.

For example, there is a nature walk and bird sanctuary off Eastbrook Drive just behind Route 4). We have found a “shrine” just a few blocks further along Eastbrook (see pictures below). We wander up and down the paper path street paths (Can you name them?). We enjoy the variety of trees arboretum (though smaller than it used to be), as well as the solitude and reflective feel offered in our 9-11 Memorial Gardens. And, we like to find the best vantage points in town for sunrises and/or sunsets.

How about you?

During the time that we have sheltered in place, have you made any new discoveries about our town? If so, we would like to hear what you have found and enjoyed.

If not, we invite you to venture out on your own local journey of discovery – of course respecting others and the spacing necessary for these times.

"Hidden Gems" to be found around town "Hidden Gems" to be found around town