Uniquely River Edge: Cobblestone Follow-up

Uniquely River Edge: Cobblestone Follow-up

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Thank you to Francine Giaimo Incardone for calling the cobblestone lane in Carlstadt to our attention. The local conventional wisdom passed on to us was that River Edge “had the only cobblestone streets in Bergen County”. I felt uncomfortable with the certainty of that remark. My discomfort, turns out, was justified – though one could debate the semantics between a residential street and a lane within a park area. But, I prefer to forgo that endeavor, and instead celebrate the continuing existence of these cobblestones in a region that has seen most its history demolished or paved over.

So, we will amend our original characterization to reflect Park Lane in Carlstadt (see picture in the comments section below)(BTW the picture immediately below is of our Webb Avenue – in the last posting the cobblestone street was Lincoln Avenue), and you now have a choice in how you might describe our unique cobblestone avenues:

1. The only cobblestones on a residential thoroughfare in Bergen County

2. The only cobblestone streets in Bergen County north of Route 4

3. The only town in Bergen County with two cobblestone streets

No matter which designation in chosen, there should be no dispute that our cobblestone roads are a unique aspect of life in our community – something “Uniquely River Edge”