Uniquely River Edge: Clarendon Court Signs

Uniquely River Edge: Clarendon Court Signs

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There used to be a time where you know one town from another by its street signs. These days most every place sports the same green street sign – said to be required to help emergency services.

There is one corner in River Edge where a local flair can still be seen. It is the corner of Kinderkamack and Clarendon Court. Harkening back to another time, the two matching signs there reflect the pre-World War II period in which the block and its homes were created.

There are no official records or histories about the signs. It is believed that they were created by the developer of the homes to distinguish it from other developments – similar to the distinctive entrance ways that can be found just a couple of blocks to the south along Kinderkamack in the familiar kiosks that act as gateways to the Reis Colonials on Voorhis and Manning.

Maintenance of the signs has been spotty over the year, although they were recently touched up.

In an initial first posting about these signs, we relayed how it was our understanding that signs were public signs as they were the entrance way to a town road. It was also our understanding that a concern about the historic nature of these signs led to them remaining when others were reomoved for the now green signs that grace most corners.

However, in response to the "conventional wisdom" that we understood, AnneMarie Lucrezio Brown, a resident of Clarendon Court, came forward to provide some insight and clarification That the Borough claimed that responsibilty for the upkeep of the sign, though at the intersection of two public roas, was that of the residents of the block; they considered it a "private sign"). We thank her for coming forward and for her efforts in making sure that the signs remained a unique part of our community.

Now some 80 years old, one hopes that interest in and appreciation for those signs will allow them to stand so they can continue to guide and inspire locals and visitors for years to come.

They are uniquely River Edge.