They’re paddling on the river again

They’re paddling on the river again

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It’s been exciting to read of this week’s opening of a new paddle center on the Hackensack River at Buskirk Island in Oradell (site of the old Hackensack Water Company waterworks)(Ribbon Cutting on August 30, 2022)

After a number of false starts and dashed hopes, this opening cannot be underestimated. It took much hard work and is, in fact, quite an accomplishment.

It opens a new chapter for the river and our area, providing renewed hope that this can be an important first step to towards restoring the river to a recreational use it saw for centuries until development (Damming of the river to build the Oradell Reservoir and unregulated pollution - especially during World War I from Fort Merritt in Dumont) ended the possibility of any serious boating, bathing and fishing.

The attached pictures give an idea what it was once like along the Hackensack – it was, in fact, a prime vacation travel destination for many from the city in search of recreation, open space and a more relaxed pace than the crowded city

So, good luck to the new paddle center. I look forward the chance to get out on the river.

And, thank you as well as congratulations to the County of Bergen (including but not limited to the Bergen County Parks System, the County Executive and the County Board of Commissioners), the Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc., and all those groups and individuals who have had a vision and the perseverance to see it through and make it a reality.

They’re paddling on the river again They’re paddling on the river again

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