Storywalk Returns

Storywalk Returns

Journeys into River Edge

The well-done and well-received Storywalk is back.

Started last Summer, when the River Edge Public Library was closed and folks had very few social options, the outdoor display has returned to the path between the Library and the Cultural Center.

This Summer’s first installment is "Jacob’s Fantastic Journey" by Philip Waechter.

Stories are scheduled to be replaced every few weeks this Summer.

The Storywalk is a joint presentation of the River Edge Public Library and the River Edge Recreation and Cultural Affairs. We congratulate all involved in initiating and continuing this interesting and worthwhile project.

For additional information about the exhibit you can reach the Library through its web site.

Here is an article about last year’s Storywalk.

Better yet, hopefully you will have the opportunity to check it out for yourself during a stroll about town.

Storywalk Returns Storywalk Returns