School Days

School Days

Journeys into River Edge

The calendar has peeled off another page (Do you still use print calendars?), and now reads September –meaning that the pool has closed and “School’s Open”.

My own memories of this time of year include the US Tennis Open (when it was at forest Hills), the Jerry Lewis Telethon, and long lines at Thrift City Stationers during the first week of school (In a time before Staples and Office Depot).

As we wish our local students well in their new year of studies, we also take a look back in time locally at some earlier School Days (River Edge School No.1 – its first Public School which was also known as the “School in the Hollow”, circa early 1900’s and some pictures of “enrichment Classes” from a still new River Dell, circa 1959).

School Days School Days School Days School Days

Image credits: Inside River Edge, A “Know-Your-Town” Survey, 1959 – League of Women Voters; The History of River Edge, 1693-1964 by Sigmund H. Uminski, Hauser Printing Co., 1965; Musket Anchor and Plow, The Story of River Edge, Arno Press, 1976.