River Edge Pizza Over the Years

River Edge Pizza Over the Years

Journeys into River Edge

A recent posting spoke of a change at what was recently the Rugova restaurant (previously Dinallo’s, Boodles and Old Dominion).

There is also work taking place on Kinderkamack Road at what was for many years Mazzone’s Pizzera.

It will be strange seeing a new shop set up there. We hope it does well but we will continue to think of Tony Tantillo and the years (47) he put in at that location.

That change and recent some recent reader comments got us to thinking about pizza in town over the years.

Our family has been in town for some 70 years. Eating options have really changed – and for the better – in recent years. There are options once unimaginable – from the familiar diner fare, Bagels and Italian to Greek, Mediterranean, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Fusion. It’s become an eclectic selection and much of it is good stuff too.

It was not always so. It is not that long ago that pizza and manicotti were considered exotic.

Pizza and “traditional American Italian” food has been around here for a long time in a variety of forms.

One reader confirmed my recollection of Victor’s Santa Lucia (at the corner of Madison and Kinderkamack at what is now the happy carrot). My Dad liked their “Pizza Pies”. A couple of decades he (and we by extension) favored the Villa Capri and then the New Villa at the Cherry Hill Shopping Center. In between we would visit Pizzatown too (now a Parking Lot for New Bridge Landing at the corner of Hackensack Avenue and Main Street).

Today I enjoy pizza and Italian dishes from La Toscana, Sanducci’s and the River Edge Pizza Kitchen. Each is a bit different from the others. Each is quite enjoyable in its own right. And, I enjoy the people who preside at each establishment – they serve up good cheer as well as good food. Hometown neighborliness in a world beyond River Edge that is all too often cold and impersonal.

They are helping write the newest chapter in a long story of Pizza in town.

For me, hometown pizza is form of a comfort food.

How about you ?

What has given you pleasure and comfort? Which River Edge pizza places (then and now) have made a difference for you – whether by their food and/or their ambiance?

We welcome your recollections and your perspective.

River Edge Pizza Over the Years