River Edge Goes to Yankee Stadium to Celebrate a Favorite Son (and Itself)

River Edge Goes to Yankee Stadium to Celebrate a Favorite Son (and Itself)

Journeys into River Edge

It's been a long time since River Edge has gone across the rivers into New York to celebrate its community. The last time I recall such an occasion was back in 1964 at the New York World's Fair for "River Edge Day" at the New Jersey pavilion. It was an event of speeches, proclamations and a performance by the River Dell High School band.

54 years later the trek across the bridge is occurring once more - this time to honor a favorite son, Joe Maugeri.

For some 20 years, Joseph Maugeri was a familiar face outside of Cherry Hill School as the World War II veteran and VFW Commander volunteered his time as a crossing guard. So familiar and beloved, in fact, that he has been honored by the community multiple times - with a tile at the library's mosaic of important moments in River Edge history and by a crossing sign in his honor at the spot near Cherry Hill where he greeted and protected crossing children every day.

For years he has been a prominent host and voice at the community's Memorial Day ceremony.

Now comes a moment at Yankee Stadium. The 95 year old is being recognized for his years of service for our country during the War. That moment will be on July 29 at an introduction before the "Seventh Inning stretch" when God Bless America is played.

And, River Edge is taking the ocaasion to heart.

The River Edge Recreation Commission is organizing community bus trip to the Stadium for the July 29 Sunday afternoon game against Kansas City to support and honor the man referred to by many affectionately as "Mighty Joe".

The occasion is bittersweet as Joe recently lost his wife of 68 years.

While River Edge may be located near New York City, in many ways it retains the feel of a small town where neighbors care about one another, just as they did back in 1964 that day at the New York World's Fair.

Many of those neighbors will be at Yankee Stadium to honor Joe Maugeri, and how represents the best of their community.