Remembering on A Different Kind of Memorial Day

Remembering on A Different Kind of Memorial Day

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It’s so different this year.

There’s so much that was taken for granted and now is yearned for.

It was always going to be different this year - being the first Memorial Day at Veterans' Memorial Park since the demolition of the old Walter Scott Brown American Legion building. The longtime fixture acted as home base for the ceremony and a spiritual ground zero for many. Today it is a parking lot, and it is missed.

But as it turns out there is more missing, aspects of a day and observance one assumed would always be there. This year they are not.

In addition to thinking about and honoring those who sacrificed their lives at war so we all could be free, thoughts also go to those who worked so hard to build the Legion Hall as they built our community in the Post World Wars era. Not only is their building gone, but fewer of them are around each year as time passes. We miss them and the perspective they brought.

This year special thoughts and prayers go to our soldiers of today’s war – those front line heroes who have worked while the rest of us sheltered during this COVID crisis (Thank you!).

It is somewhat comforting to be able to watch this year’s ceremony remotely (thank you to those who made it possible). It was especially heart-warming to able to see local hero Joe Magueri lead the Pledge of Allegiance. And, it is good to be able to join together with neighbors in a community Moment of Silence at 11 am on Memorial Day.

So, this is a Memorial Day with many lessons. One, of course, misses what cannot be. But still I am grateful for what I can see and do as I look forward to a time to come when we might again be together physically as a community to honor and remember. When that time comes I will take nothing for granted.

The remembrances and thanks will have a new and greater force.

Remembering on A Different Kind of Memorial Day

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Remembering on A Different Kind of Memorial Day