R.E.S.C. @ 60

R.E.S.C. @ 60

Journeys into River Edge

Memorial Day traditionally represents the unofficial start of summer. Notwithstanding cold and rain that seem more like March than May, this year promises to be a celebratory one at the River Edge Swim Club - when the weather warms up - as they mark 60 years since its first opening.

1960 was a time of growth in town – post-World War II families were making their mark. The pool was a welcome addition in a backwater part of town - home of a sewage treatment plant, originally constructed in 1919. The plant was dismantled in 1960 when the Borough joined Stage II of the Bergen County sewage treatment system, thus opening up the parcel of land.

Now decades later, the newly planted trees of that time have matured and the grounds look prettier than ever. In between, the club has taught generations how to swim, and has provided recreation and community as well. To folks like me it is a special place. I learned to swim there. I was a lifeguard there, and I have watched my own family evolve and grow up through swim lessons to Swim Team to Teen Nights and more.

Most of all, it has provided wonderful moments of serenity – doing laps with together with my swim family – mostly in silence but in solidarity as one in our activity. I spoke little but quietly bonded - appreciative for the opportunity and the setting – in a place of beauty and calm, a place where when everything was aligned the right way there was no better place to be.

Here is a piece about the pool written some years back (In 2011 for the Swim Club’s 50th anniversary)

Congratulations R.E.S.C. . May it continue to so what it has done so well for so long.