R.E. Rites of Thanksgiving over the Years

R.E. Rites of Thanksgiving over the Years

Journeys into River Edge

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The pumpkins have been discarded. So too have been the campaign lawn signs. Not withstanding the stretch of warm weather, we have moved on. Thanksgiving approaches.

Signs around town now promote the Turkey Drive at St. Peter’s. It’s an event that has become a community tradition, one of those days that folks circle on their calendars. It marks the start of the holiday season and in a way that expresses our generosity as a community.

In years past the rite of the season was a bit different. One of our local histories describes how in November, 1958 the first Turkey Shoot was sponsored by the River Edge Police Reserve.

Growing up here at the time, it was an event that made me shutter with fear. Shooting turkeys ? Where and how? I could not conceive of how they would do that.But I did not want to go anywhere near the place to find out.

It was only years later that I came to learn that the event was a bit different than how I had internalized it. But I never did learn how it actually worked. I never saw any photographs of the event – though it was much loved within the community.

Do you recall the River Edge Turkey Shoot? If so, we welcome your recollections.

Returning to today, we hope you will help out the Turkey Drive, and we hope that this holiday will be a true time of Thanksgiving for you and your loved ones – even if you cannot be together in a fashion that you might be accustomed to.

A lot of us have had a tough year. But in this midst of the challenge let us not forget that thee is still much to be thankful for.

For my part , I am thankful for my loved ones. And, I am thankful to be part of River Edge and to count you as my neighbors.

Take care and stay safe.