Passing: Mazzones

Passing: Mazzones

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How many pizzas do you think were created at Mazzones Pizzeria over the years - some 47 years in all.

That's a question I have contemplated since hearing that the pizzeria, long a fixture on Kinderkamack Road, closed for good.

We got wind of the closing in the Town News. We gained a bit of insight explaining why it happened just few days later when we discovered that its guiding force, Tony Tantillo had passed away.

Tantillo, affectionately known by many as Chief, presided over a place that served up no-frills pizza and more.

Mazzone's harkened back to a time when someone ordered a "Pizza Pie" that cost in the range of $5.00 (Anyone remember a 25 cent slice?). It recalls pizza from an era before anyone thought of piling it with buffalo wings or pineapple. Locally, it came from a time when its pizza serving competitors were the likes of Victor's Santa Lucia and the Villa Capri, and other eat out options in town were limited to Wang's Kitchen (Today Huang's), the River Edge Diner, McDonald's and the Madison.

Today our options include Greek, Turkish, Indian, Japanese and Asian Fusion. They,and a few fine Italian eateries, offer eclectic and stylish options. But through the years and changes, Mazzones endured - with a study loyal customer base - a constant in a changing world. Comfort food and comfort in times of tumult. Any place with the staying power of 47 years merits our attention and accolades.

So, thanks to Tony and those who made Mazzones. Thanks for the pizza, the music (Tony on the keyboard) and the memories for a job well done.