Our Borough Shrub and More

Our Borough Shrub and More

Journeys into River Edge

Are you familiar with River Edge’s other official borough symbols ?

Did you know that River Edge has a Borough Shrub ?

It is the Azalea, adopted by resolution by the Borough Council on April 16, 1964. Old timer’s may remember Eddie’s Azaleas, a place that served the community from Continental Avenue just before the Paramus border. That designation of official shrub must have pleased Eddie. One can only wonder if it helped his business.

On that same day in 1964, also by resolution, the council designated the Dogwood as the Borough Tree.

Previously designated but no one knows exactly when and how was our town bird: The Cardinal.

Would you add any designations if you had the chance ? A Town animal (i.e. squirrel, dog, Canada Goose) Town food ? Town song ? Any suggestions ?