New Along River Edge's Streets

New Along River Edge's Streets

A Journey into River Edge

There's all kinds of news to report in a town like ours. There are sports and school doings. What's new at church, and, of course, the happenings at Borough Hall or the fire station.

Then there's the news of sites we see every day. A house or tree destroyed. A new construction. A change of business.

Ther's news these days in River Edge's commercial district in the south end of town. The newest 7-11 is about to opne. Francesca, a falgship bsuiness at the new strip mall did not last long and remains shuttered.

But also obvious to those who look closely are a couple of additions on the street.

The first is a classic clock. It sits at the corner of Main Street and Kinderkamack near where the new 7/11 is about to open at what used to be Mr. Bob's.

For along time, there was a signature clock on the Route 4 side of Huffman and Boyle. In later years the clock was maintained eratically and then not at all as the owners let the proper fall into disreapuir and ngalevct. Finally, the building was demolished and so too the clock was gone.

A few years back an effort was made to place a classic clock in the town park on the other side of the Kinderkamack-Main Street intersection. But a fund raising effort never picked up traction, so clocks were installed in neighboring towns such as Oradell and Paramus. But none was here until now, apparently a perk in streetscape incentives to get the new 7/11 built.

The other new addition as a seasonal one. It can be found on commercial area street lights. It is an illuminated snow flake that helps to celebrate the holiday season.

Many years ago the town's Christmas symbols were the Borough Christmas tree and the holiday decorations on the Huffman & Boyle building.

More recently seasonal banners adorned the lights, but they did not fare very well in the winter's winds and weather elements.

So, now we have brightly lit snowflakes to greet us as we drive through.

At times, some of us can become dispirited by the seeming lack of progress in the "downtown" we have been promised for decades now.  But these new additions are surely causes for civic praise and gratitude - small but significant steps that can act as reminders of what might happen if we try.

Thanks to those responsible for these improvements. They are steps in the right direction.

New Along River Edge's Streets New Along River Edge's Streets