Impactful Chronicler & Voice of River Edge is Remembered with Appreciation

Impactful Chronicler & Voice of River Edge is Remembered with Appreciation

A Journey into River Edge

If you go to River Edge entry on Wikipedia you will find a section entitled “Notable People”.

There you will find the likes of Billy Paultz (former basketball star), Gene Rodenberry (Creator of Star Trek), Lee Meredith (Actress) Paul Fishman (U.S. Attorney), and Freddie Hoffman (biked more than one million miles).

One name that is not there but should be is that of Kevin Wright.

Kevin Wright, who died last month at age 64, was a community prize – an eloquent thoughtful and passionately committed chronicler of River Edge’s history and advocate for its present and future.

Formally, the obituary reads that Kevin was Bergen County historian, an author and lecturer who turned New Bridge Landing into a heritage destination.

Yes, he did all of that, but he did so much more. In remembering this man of words, words do not suffice.

He was a person of enormous good spirit and good will who shared his gifts his community.

His scholarly efforts were substantial – some 30 years of writing that covered Hudson's encounter with the New World inhabitants, the Morris Canal, the iron industry, histories of Newton, and numerous articles and presentations.

As volunteer President of the Bergen County Historical Society, he advocated for a new museum building at Historic New Bridge Landing, which is currently in the planning stages on BCHS property.

As a person and neighbor he constantly reminded us just what we had in our midst as well as what we could be about – if we just took the time to look and listen around us.

Our condolences go to his wife of 40 years, Deborah Powell; their children Ivan, Benjamin, and Anna; siblings Colleen, Patrick, and Pegeen Wright; and his mother, Teresa Mullen Wright.

Kevin’s passing is a loss, not just for his family and friends, but for all of us – even those who may not have known him. His work was for us all – the memory of those achievements and his determination will hopefully endure and continue to be inspiration to the rest of us who left to carry the torch in his absence.

Memorial donations in celebration of his passion and life's work may be made to the BCHS Museum Fund, P.O. Box 55, River Edge, NJ 07661.

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Impactful Chronicler & Voice of River Edge is Remembered with Appreciation