Diner Reaffirms Faith in River Edge

Diner Reaffirms Faith in River Edge

A Journey into River Edge

It's been a fixture on Kinderkamack Road for decades. And, by  the look of things it is not about to depart the seen any time soon.

The River Edge Diner is rebuilding.

These days it does not much look like a classic diner. Nor will the new version.

Totally modern and ornate it is a far different look than the original, which was a stainless stell structure that looked more like a railroad car  than a building.

Back then it served basic diner grub.

Over the years it has seen a number of adaptations (See picture below). And, the menu has diversified to include a wide range of culinary offerings - from Greek to Italian to Surf and Turf.

Of course, there are still the burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken tenders, and pastries that draw our family.

And, as importantly, in an era of chain fast-food eateries in town and beyond, the Diner offers up not just convenient food and drink. It remains an integral part of the community - as close as we have to a home-town coffee shop - a place for business people, politicians, families, kids - for all of us. It's a diner - and it's River Edge's diner.

Diner Reaffirms Faith in River Edge Diner Reaffirms Faith in River Edge