A River Edge Short: River Edge's Seal - Musket, Anchor & Plow

A River Edge Short: River Edge's Seal - Musket, Anchor & Plow

Journeys into River Edge

It’s so present that I took it for granted. There it is on our police cars, DPW vehicles, welcome and park signs, our website and borough correspondences. It was always there. So I did not think much of it until a neighbor stopped to share with me how much pride he had in our borough seal – comprised of a musket, an anchor and a plow.

He was right.

So here are a few words about our seal, courtesy of a River Edge history from 1976 most fittingly titled “Musket Anchor and Plow – The Story of River Edge”. We take a bit of editorial liberty to turn the title around to describe this posting as “The Story of the Musket Anchor and Plow”.

The Borough Seal was first adapted in 1957. Its designer was John S. Carnes, former Chairman of the Planning Board.

Its elements are:

The date – 1693: This date commemorates the year that had been considered the founding of Demarest Landing which became the village of River Edge. Though subsequent research indicates that the actual date was closer to 1677, 1693 became the accepted date as it was also the year of the establishment of New Barbados Township of which this area was a part.

The Color Aquamarine, The Anchor, The Rope Border – These elements symbolize the role of the Hackensack River played in the development of the Borough.

The Musket – Symbolizes the part played by the locale in the Revolutionary War.

The Plow – Symbolizes the farm heritage of River Edge

Does the seal stand the test of time for you? Would you add any elements to it if given the chance?

We welcome your thoughts.

For now, we hope you are continuing to stay safe and healthy as we journey at a social distance…

Acknowledgement and thanks to: Russ Van Wetering, Borough of River Edge and the local history book “Musket, Anchor and Plow – The Story of River Edge” by Naomi Howitt and George Howitt (1976), Arno Press

A River Edge Short: River Edge's Seal - Musket, Anchor & Plow

Image Credit: dailyvoice.com