A River Edge Collection of Note Cards

 A River Edge Collection of Note Cards

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Today’s Exploration: A River Edge of Collection of Note Cards

Over the years, different civic groups around town have created and offered various items chronicling River Edge and its history for sale as organization fundraisers.

We share with you one such item – a collection of note cards whose images depict significant locations around town.

They were in a package with a label describing “Scenes of River Edge By Fran Kasturas”. This package of note writing cards and envelopes was supposed to include a total of 9 designs and 12 cards. I was only able to locate five; perhaps someone in my family had already written a note.

It is also possible that my Mom framed some and those framed cards are in storage (I will take a look for them).

I believe the cards date back to the 1970’s or 80’s. I am not sure whether it was an organization, the borough or the library (Friends of the Library) that created and sold these cards.

They were saved and preserved as part of a “River Edge Collection” of such items.

Do you remember them ?

Here is an overview of the collection. I will share individual cards with you in future postings. Stay tuned.

 A River Edge Collection of Note Cards