A Picture and A Deli from Another Time

A Picture and A Deli from Another Time

A Journey into River Edge, New Jersey

There's a new Mediterranean restaurant serving up some decent food where Sanducci's used to before taking up residence in new digs down the street.

We hear that Dante's will soon be moving down the street as well.

In all, it got us to thinking about the site, and what was there long before Sanducci’s and Dante’s. We were already contemplating the topic when one recent morning in our email in box we found a great picture out of the past courtesy of John Fuggazzie.

We share it with you here.

This image says so much.

We grew up connected to the south end of town and the River Edge Deli – whose German Potato Salad and Christmas season Herring we’ve previously reminisced of.

We only became fully introduced to Governale’s in its later years (in the 1970’s) when we used to partake of their hero sandwiches – good ones too.

This picture, though, speaks to an earlier time. By all appearances the car in the lot is vintage 1950’s.

The storefront signage harkens back to what used to be a fixture in Bergen County - T&W ice cream. This local sweet could be found on shelves of supermarkets and grocers. But its real draw was the creamery located on Ridgewood Avenue just across from the Duck Pond. Parents could create an incentive for area kids of the time – a visit to T&W for ice cream and a walk around the pond. That could kill a nice 90 minutes for a parent seeking to occupy their kids in an era before play dates and kindergarten sports.

Looking at the picture we are also drawn by the market itself. It, along with the Riverside Market and the River Edge Deli, was a place where you could go to get more than a sandwich, soda and chips. As the sign over the door reads, it served up “Home Cooked Foods” – dishes prepared for homes without micro-waves and with authentic ingredients (Even the big companies were packaging real stuff back then).

A Picture and A Deli from Another Time