A new old picture of Mickey Mantle in town

A new old picture of Mickey Mantle in town

Journeys into River Edge

Through Facebook this image recently popped up on my computer.

It is of Mickey Mantle playing ball with his son in a front yard in the 1950's.

But look closer at the house.

It looks to me like a River Edge ranch.

It is River Edge where the Yankees of the 1950's and 60's called home. Many were seasonal rentals. The place was family-friendly back then - fitting well for players who came far from New York. It also served them well in an era before free agency when salaries were four or five figures for a year - not in the millions.

My own memories of Yanks locally were of Tony Kubek on Valley Road and Clete Boyer on Eastbrook. Joe Pepitone lived on June Court. Legend has it that Mantle at various times lived on Summit, Manchester and in a range.

Well, here is evidence of the stay in a ranch in the south end of town.

Indeed, those were the days.