A Familiar Site Becomes Unfamiliar

A Familiar Site Becomes Unfamiliar

A Journey into River Edge

It was not even in River Edge, but it was nonetheless an integral part of the local landscape. Even as an eyesore, it was a familiar part of the community - a place  embedded in our consciousness as part of home.

Now it is being demolished.

The place is formally known as 66-70 Zabriskie Street in Hackensack. A functional site just off of Route 4, until 2-13 it was th home of the County Police and DPW. Prior to that time the Police HDQ was a girls school.

While many are glad to see the buildings gone others spoke spoke nostalgically for the history of the men and women who had served in the two-story brick building. near the intersection Zabriskie Street, Johnson Avenue and Kinderkamack Road in Hackensack.

“There was a lot of tradition here. A lot of service to the residents of Bergen County that can not be forgotten,” Chief Brian Higgins told an audience in 2013 when they moved out of the building.

“There are a lot of fond memories in this building,” he added. “This building means more than just the brick and mortar.”

Now the brick and mortar are being carted away in dumpsters. Soon the site will be leveled and construction will start to turn the property into what is being touted by developers as "high-quality, multi-family residences with an emphasis on the nearby transit".

In the meantime, a scene we took for granted is being changed. On some mornings, heading out into a day of uncertainty the the change can be unsettling.

Who knew that an eyesore could evoke such emotions ?

A Familiar Site Becomes Unfamiliar