Passing: Paramus Lighting

Passing: Paramus Lighting

Journeys into Paramus

Change is inevitable, and recently change has come with increasing rapidity that it has become foreseeable. Nonetheless seeing that Paramus Lighting had closed down hit us hard.

It was founded in 1948 as Schmidt Brothers and became Paramus Lighting in 1952.

That was befofe The Bergen Mall, befofre Garden State Plaza and even befofre a Jersey Barrier center divided was installed on the then 4 lane Route 4.

Paramus was a place characterized mostly by celery farms. The farms are gone - so is the forest after which Forest Avenue was named.

In came thousands of new residents drawn by post-war housing boom, thanks to the GI BIll and access to the GW Bridge via Route 4.

Paramus Lighting was the home of lights and fixtures. Over time, as its passing is noted, the business itself became a fixture. Congrats for years of service. You will be missed.