Palm Coast's Stand Alone Chimney

Palm Coast's Stand Alone Chimney

A Journey into Palm Coast

It's become a unique roadside landmark of sorts - there at the corner of at the corner of Roberts Road and Colbert Lane .

A bit strange and different - what appears to be a factor chimney standing there by itself.

In fact, it is a chimney of what was once the Lehigh Cement Company plant that stood on the site.

There is a story behind the structure.

Here are some good sources to help find you the answers.

As usual "the source" for such topics is Art Dycke of the Palm Coast Historian  who has written the book on topics of these sorts.

A good place to start is at the Historical Society's website.

On this topic, much insight came from an article in the News-Journal from Daytona Beach.

In summary, the plant's time in town was short (Built in 1952, ghost town by 1967 - a strike in between).

Lehigh Cement, based in Pennsylvania, bought 9,000 acres of Flagler County land in 1948 and began building the plant the following year, according to Art Dycke.

The area’s coquina shell was made up partly of lime, a major cement ingredient, and the plant was built to be able to produce 1.5 million barrels of cement per year for 100 years.

ITT bought the land, and it was parceled out, becoming part of Grand Haven, the Sea Ray boats property and Palm Coast Plantation.

Today, the chimney is  a quirky landmark of sorts.

There are plans for the property - a mixed-use community called that is to  include dry and wet boat storage, shops, restaurants and homes.

Efforts have been made to include the chimney in the new project, but its days may well be numbered.

Thanks to Art Dycke's efforts, though,  it will never be totally forgotten.

Palm Coast's Stand Alone Chimney

Credit: Palm Coast Historical Society; News-Journal (Daytona Beach)