A Glimpse of Old Florida in the Neighborhood

A Glimpse of Old Florida in the Neighborhood

A Journey into Palm Coast

It's easy to get caught up with the idea that much of Florida is late 20th- early 21st century sprawl - fast food chains, big box stores and national brand businesses. Some say that one place is virtually indistinguishable from another - were it not for the road signs.

Moreover, in a place that was established so recently and experienced such rapid growth, one might believe that history before this development has been forgotten and discarded.

In fact, there is still much authenticity and local character to explore and celebrate. And, for one based in Palm Cost one need not go very far to get a glimpse of what Old Florida used to be about before the rest of us showed up.

Princess Place Preserve is one such place.

Princess Place Preserve with its rich history and 1500 pristine acres, attracts nature enthusiasts from near and far.

What is now this preserve situated in the northern part of Flagler County was originally purchased by Henry Cutting in 1886 and passed on to his widow Angela Mills Cutting Worden, who eventually married Boris Scherbatoff, an exiled Russian prince. Angela assumed the title of princess and it was then that the once named "Cherokee Grove" came to be known as "Princess Place.

The original lodge built by Henry Cutting stills stands as Flagler County's oldest intact structure. Also on-site is Florida's very first in-ground swimming pool.

These days in addition to the history on the site, visitors can take in the environment on one of the many hiking trails, spend time fishing in the salt marshes along the Matanzas River and Pellicer Creek, or camp out under the stars.

The preserve is also a popular spot for equestrian enthusiasts. With an equestrian campsite and plenty of riding trails it is easy to embrace nature while enjoying a ride.

Photo Credit: Judy Wells Source Credit: TrailsFlorida.com and FlaglerCounty.org

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A Glimpse of Old Florida in the Neighborhood A Glimpse of Old Florida in the Neighborhood