Introducing Journeys into New Milford

Introducing Journeys into New Milford

Journeys into New Milford

Each place has its vibe - a fell, a sense of who it and its citizens are - where they have come from, what matters to them, what makes them unique - what makes them who they are.

New Milford has its own feel - it's own spirit.

To call it a history does not do it justice. Yes, history is part of it. But it is more.

Formally, this "Journeys into New Milford" is an exploration of New Milford's "offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten". Bu that catch phrase does not capture the essence of what these "Journeys" are all about.

It is community narrative that we are tapping into through stories - now and then.

I think this "feel" was probab;y best put in the forward tio New Milford's history book of 1964 (The Story of New Milford, New Jersey):

"....The history of New Milford is crowded with interesting people...Yet most of their names are meanuingless to most of the people of New Milford today - and the  town shows little imprint from any shaping  they may have done".

"New Milford is an old town, in spite of its name. People have made their homes here for 287 years (now 345) - longer in an unbroken line than in any other town in Bergen County....Yet New Milford's present character has been shaped almost entirely in the past dozen years (now past 70 years)."

"A town needs roots and traditions to make it a true community of neighbors, rather than a political subdivision ocuuopied by a grouo of strangers. New Milford has these roots...It is hoped that this...will bring a sens of pride to old New Milforders who have been here for generations, and to the new Milforders, we hope it brings an awareness of the heritage they now share"

I modify that remark to speak of the heritage, sense of place and community WE all share.

These journeys are intended to help identify, celebrate and make the most of what it means to from and about New Milford - whether one lives here now or whether New Milford loves in one's heart.

Image Credit: Census Bureau map of New Milford, New Jersey