Happy 100th Birthday, New Milford

Happy 100th Birthday, New Milford

Journeys into New Milford

It was on March 11, 1922 that the Borough of New Miford was born.

Surprised ? Confused ?

I am - afterall, isn't New Milford "The Birthplace of Bergen County" ? The signs say so - that this place stretches back to 1677.

Of course, there is a longer story.

For now the explanation is that New Milford, even though one of the earliest settlements in the area, did not become a borough until late in the game. Many communities (i.e. River Edge) became a borough during a phase known as "Boroughitis" in 1894. New Milford did not become independent until 1922 - much like Paramus.The centennial is being celebrtaed in both places this year.

This "Journeys into New Milford" is created to help shine a light on this hostory and on just what a great little place it is today. Stay tuned - trhere is more to come on New Milford's "offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked & forgotten". for now, "Happy Birthday New Milford".

Photo acknowledgement and credit: Wikipedia