A Favorite Son/Daughter of New Milford ?

A Favorite Son/Daughter of New Milford ?

Journeys into New Milford

Certain personalities are associated with certain places: Bob Dylan – Hibbing, Minnesota ; Bing Crosby – Tacoma, Washington; George Washington – Mt. Vernon,Virginia; Lucille Ball – Jamestown,New York; and Jimmie Carter - Plains, Georgia.

More locally Count Basie- Red Bank, Dionne Warwick- Newark; Frank Sinatra-Hoboken, Bruce Springsteen – Freehold & Asbury Park; Grace Kelly – Ocean City Lou Costello-Paterson; Bill Parcells- Oradell.

How about New Milford ?

Wikipedia includes a long list of individuals - people who were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with New Milford: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Milford,_New_Jersey

But that is only a list.

We ask what is in your heart - Does New Milford have a most famous son/daughter ?

Growing up (1960’s-70’s) a prominent name associated with New Milford was that of Ed Marinaro (born 1950). He played football locally, then went on to have legendary careers at Cornell and in the NFL. Later he also became known as an actor.

More recently and connected to sports there was John Minko (born 1953), longtime WFAN sports update anchor.

I was surprised to learn that radio storyteller Jean Shepard used to live in town. I spent many a night listening to his stories about Flick, his Dad and life in Chicago on WOR Radio. Shep, as he was called, became known to later generations as the writer and voice behind the movie “A Christmas Story”.

Musicians, politicians, and even a marksman are included in the list. So are a number of football players and a political scientist.

The Fontane Sisters, musical group from the 1940’s and 50’s (They sang with Perry Como) came from New Milford. So did, it says, J. Walter Christie (1865–1944), father of the modern tank, but River Edge takes him as one of theirs as well.

Then there is Gustav Perez who is responsible for triggering the modern day version of New Milford. One cannot overlook the likes of the Van Buskirks and Demarests who played an important role in the evolution and development of the area centuries ago.

And, of course, there are whole histories just barely even mentioned – Native, African American, German-American and Heugonot for starters.

Some there are many to consider. What resonates with you as representing New Milford ?

Image Acknowledgment: The Fontane Sisters, Wikipedia