The other Maywoods

The other Maywoods

Journeys into Maywood

To those who like to live, work and visit here Maywood is one of a kind. There is only one Maywood in New Jersey (Unlike Red Bank, of which there are two. There are also multiple Unions and Washingtons in this state).

But according to those who keep track there are some 25 other Maywoods across the country. New York has two. So do Kansas and Missouri. Most of the other Maywoods are mainly found in the center of the country (Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and South Dakota as well as the above mentioned Kansas and Missouri). But they are also are to seen in the West (Oregon, Washington and California), and the South (North Carolina and West Virginia).

There is some question as to which one came first. And there is no clear indication if any one Maywood was based on another (i.e. Hackensack, Minnesota which was named after Hackensack, New Jersey).

Finally, one wonders if there has ever been attempt to create an informal association of Maywoods – there is no sign of any “sister city” relationships among and between any of them.

The other Maywoods

Photo Credit: Fine Art America