"The Heart & Soul of Maywood"

"The Heart & Soul of Maywood"

Journeys into Maywood

A fairly recent New York Times Real estate article about Maywood described the town like this:

“Maywood, N.J.: A Close-Knit Community With a Quaint Downtown…..With its walkable streets and proximity to Manhattan, the borough is an appealing place to live”

"Something of an anomaly in Bergen County, the borough of Maywood is neither a wealthy community of sprawling multimillion-dollar estates, like Alpine or Upper Saddle River, nor a place defined by highways dotted with shopping malls, like Paramus or Hackensack, which it sits between. Instead, it is a 1.29-square-mile area with walkable streets, neighborhood parks and a quaint downtown".

"'“Maywood is its own little pocket,” said Dominie Healey, 43, a real estate agent at Vikki Healey Properties, who grew up in Maywood and now lives in Hackensack. 'It’s very close-knit but also cosmopolitan. You can be in Manhattan in 15 minutes” — or maybe closer to 30 minutes, with traffic — “but it doesn’t feel anywhere near New York City.'”

The section of the piece discussing the community’s history consisted of this:

In 1872, the New Jersey Midland Railway built a train station in what would later become Maywood, as part of a plan to connect the Great Lakes with New York Harbor.

It also mentioned the work that was done to restore the old train station.

Accurate yes – but we think there is more to the story.

We are turning to you to help fill in the blank parts. What makes Maywood what it is ? What distinguishes it from other communities ? How do you get to and translate to your neighbors and to others what the heart and soul of Maywood is all about.

This Journeys into Maywood is an effort to find and define that “heart and soul” – the community’s secret sauce – its sense of place that helps define it, its citizens and a sense of community.

We hope you will be able to journey together with us….

Source: The New York Times & Mayowod Centennial Journal - June, 1994

Photo Credit: The New York Times