150 Years of Maywood Station

150 Years of Maywood Station

Journeys into Maywood

It was March 11, 1872 that the original Maywood Train Station opened.

Part of the new the New Jersey Midland Railway, local histories tell us that the station was first designatred "West Hackensack”. Shortly later the change was made to “Maywood”.

These histories also tell us that the original line was between Newfoundlan, NJ and Hackensack but was soon extended to Middletown, NY to connect with the New York & Oswego Midland (later New York, Ontario & Western) in Middletown, NY and provide rail service from the Great Lakes to New York Harbor.

When Maywood Station was built, it was originally located on the south side of the current tracks. In 1893, the station was moved to its present location on the north side of the tracks due to the addition of a second set of tracks being constructed and a purchase of additional land by the railroad.

That original station that the station was destroyed by fire in 1914 and then rebuilt.

When passenger service ended in 1966, the station continued to be use for freight shipments (Railway Express). But by the 1970’s the place started to show cracks and signs of neglect. It was improved a bit from 1979-1992 when it was leased by the VFW, but by the early 200’s the station was in danger of being demolished.

A concerned group of citizens, railroad enthusiasts and historic preservation devotees responded to this threat by proposing a restoration of the building, which by that time (2002) was identified as one of the oldest existing in the State of New Jersey still retaining most of its original character.

First the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. Then the station was restored by the all-volunteer, non-profit Maywood Station Historical Committee, who now operate the historic site as the Maywood Station Museum.

For more about the station and the great work being done to preserve the station and its stories: http://maywoodstation.com/

This year marks 150 years since the station first opened It has had its ups and downs, but thanks to the dedication and hard work of supporters and volunteers it remains a beautiful and vital part of the community today as it did back in 1872.

Happy 150th Maywood Station.

150 Years of Maywood Station

Background Info. Source: Maywood Station Museum

Photo Acknowledgement & Credit: Maywood Station Museum via Wikipedia