What the All-Star Game Used to Look Like

What the All-Star Game Used to Look Like

A Journey into Hockey

The NHL is gathering in Los Angeles this weekend for their All-Star Game weekend.

It has become something quite different from what it started out from.

The first official All-Star Game was held during the 1947–48 NHL season. Prior to that, there have been several occasions when benefit games and All-Star Games were played Hod Stuart Benefit All-Star Game- 1907-08; Ace Bailey Benefit Game - 1933; Howie Morenz Memorial Game -1937; Babe Siebert Memorial Game -1939)

From 1947 to 1968, the All-Star Game primarily saw the previous season's Stanley Cup champions take on a team of All-Stars from the other clubs. There were two exceptions during this period: The 1951 and 1952 games instead featured two teams of All-Star players, one consisting of players on American-based teams and the other with players consisting of players on Canadian-based teams.

Here is a video from October 5, 1963 from Maple Leaf Gardens:

Dmitry Novgorod-You Tube