The NHL's "Top 100 of All-Time, Pre-1967"

The NHL's "Top 100 of All-Time, Pre-1967"

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Part of the hype for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the National Hockey League involves the release of what has been described as the "Top 100 Players" in NHL history.

The release of this top 100 is taking place in two stages. The second group will be released at the NHL All-Star Game. For now (early January, 2017) the first group, those from the pre-1967 period (first 50 years), was released at the Centennial Classic outdoor game on January 1 in Toronto.

According to an NHL Press Release, the players were "selected by a Blue Ribbon Panel comprised of 58 individuals representing more than 1,800 years of experience in the game".

As with any list there some interesting  points to note - from here both dealing with omissions.

First, it is hard to imagine any list of the pre-67' era not including Bobby Hull. His greatest seasons were in the early '60's. It was in 1966 that he first scored 50 goals.

In fairness, some of it may have had to do with NHL logistics. Bobby Hull was found in St. Louis the next day dropping the puck (along with son Brett) at the NHL Outdoor Classic between the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues.

But, still he should have been mentioned in that first group.

There are other notable omissions.

How about Stan Mikita ?

Other absences were noted on Facebook by hockey writer and historian Todd Deanult:

Here is a list of pre-1967 players, along with their ranking, on the 1998 Hockey News Top 100 list that didn't make the cut this past weekend (I'm also assuming that Booby Hull will be among the next group of honoree's) ... #33 Newsy Lalonde, #39 Joe Malone, #41 Dit Clapper, #44 Bill Cook, #46 George Hainsworth, #51 Nels Stewart, #53 Bill Cowley, #55 Busher Jackson, #59 Pierre Pilote, #61 Frank Boucher, #62 Cy Denenny, #65 Aurel Joliat, #67 Frank Brimsek, #72 Earl Siebert, #73 Doug Bentley, #76 Charlie Gardiner, #77 Clint Benedict, #83 Babe Dye, #84 Lorne Chabot, #88 Sprague Cleghorn, #91 Sweeney Schriner, #92 Joe Primeau, #96 Babe Pratt, #97 Jack Stewart, #99 Bill Gadsby, & #100 Frank Nighbor.