Seals: A Team Overlooked but Not Forgotten

Seals: A Team Overlooked but Not Forgotten

A Journey into Hockey

They are celebrating the 50th season of NHL play in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and St. Louis.

Overlooked in it all is the launch and history of one of the NHL's most unique franchises - the Seals.

It is 50 years since the launch of the Oakland team. It was on Feb. 8, 1966 that the NHL granted a franchise to the Bay Area as part of the second six. The Seals lasted nine seasons in Oakland before leaving town to die in Cleveland. But in that short time they were the source of more strange stories than some of the other NHL teams in their 50-100 yrs histories. For example, the Seals had White skates, names on jerseys, colorful uniforms, Crazy George, the Streaker and tried to move to another city almost every year.

The Seals have not been forgotten. There are now books, documentaries and sites online dedicated to the Seals. Stay tuned for more here - 50 years later.

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Seals: A Team Overlooked but Not Forgotten