Bravo Bob Miller

Bravo Bob Miller

A Journey into Hockey

We were located on the opposite coast. Moreover, our gravitational hockey pull was to the north towards Canada. So we got to hear too little of Bob Miller over the years.

Nonetheless, from what trickled back east it quickly became clear that Bob Miller, play by play announcer for the L.A. Kings for over 43 years, was a hockey fixture and a quality person.

This week Miller announced his retirement (he will call two games at the end of the season).

Bob Miller will always be remembered as the voice at the mike when the Kings won their first Stanley Cup.

It has been a year of good byes in the City of Angels. First, Vin Scully, longtime voice of the Dodgers and now Bob Miller (Jiggs McDonald in between).

Their voices may not be heard on the air but they will remain in our heads and in our hearts.

Bob, all the best and thanks....