An Anniversary Season

An Anniversary Season

A Journey into Hockey

Every season celebrates an anniversary of some sort, but this 2016-17 is especially noteworthy for milestones being celebrated by hockey officialdom.

It was on 1917 that the National Hockey League was organized at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal. You will be hearing a lot about the NHL is remembering and celebrating itself.

Similarly, the Toronto franchise that would eventually become the Maple Leafs was organized in 1917.

If you watch a game originating from Madison Square Garden you will see that the Rangers are marking 90 years (one year after pro hockey came to New York in the from of the Americans, the former Hamilton Tigers. It would not be long before the Rangers manged to marginalize the Americans into oblivion during World War II).

Finally, four teams and their cities are celebrating their 50th seasons in the NHL "second six" expansion Though they did not actually begin play until the fall of 1967, the St. Louis Blues, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers and L.A. Kings are recalling seasons from 1967 until today, "50th season" celebration. The "Stars" who now call Dallas home started in Minnesota as the North Stars in '67 and the Seals are no longer here to celebrate. They started in Oakland before moving away to Cleveland in 1975 and ultimately merged out of existence when folded into the North Stars.

There is an interesting book coming out recalling the Seals. More about that to come.

For now, heads up. You will be hearing about all of these milestone celebrations this season.

An Anniversary Season

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An Anniversary Season