The Record: Recording Local Life for 125 Years

The Record: Recording Local Life for 125 Years

Journeys into Hackensack

We note the 125th anniversary of the newspaper they now call The North Jersey Record.

These days it is located in Woodland Park I(once West Paterson), owned by the Gannett Group (sold by the Borg family a few years back), and covers an area beyond Bergen County.

For a long time however, The Record was focused on and based in Bergen County, Hackensack to be exact. It used to be called the Bergen Evening Record – it served as a suburban compliment to the News York papers for my parents’ generation. Many a suburban kid made some decent money delivering the afternoon paper. In, its afternoon publication and delivery changed to early morning

Back in golden era of Hackensack, The Record had its offices on Main Street. In the mid-20th century new offices opened on River Street just south of the Susquehanna Railroad tracks. There it remained until it moved out to Passaic County. Today the River Street property has been razed and is being transformed into a new multi-use property reflecting the change in Hackensack.

“Friend of the People it Serves” was the slogan we recall seeing on the  paper as we opened it every afternoon. Many of us ,”the people” believed in those words. It served a vital role in bringing us together and in keeping us in tune with what was happening in Washington, Trenton, Hackensack, Yankee Stadium and around the world.

Today is a different place and time. The relationship between media and citizen continues to evolve.

We wish The Record well. It has served an important role in our community. It is hoped that as they and we evolve that role will continue to serve us well.

The Record: Recording Local Life for 125 Years The Record: Recording Local Life for 125 Years

Photo Credit: North Jersey Media Group & Sam Bell