The Railroad Tower At Main Street

The Railroad Tower At Main Street

Journeys into Hackensack

At one time, staffed towers dotted the railroad lines in Hackensack. They helped manage the traffic along the line (both passenger and freight) as well as the inter-action between train, auto and pedestrian – keeping all safe.

The last of such towers was located just across from the B&W Bakery along Main Street.

This pictures that tower as well as giving one the feel of the neighborhood circa late 1970’s/early 1980’s.

Note the Fairmount Diner on the left, and the trees (many recently removed) in Fairmount Park across the street.

Not visible in this picture but just nearby were local landmarks such Packard’s, Audino Cleaners, and Louis’s Barber Shop.

By the time of this picture, the Erie Lackawanna was long a memory, and the line was being run by NJ Transit.

As for the tower, by this time it was vacant. It managed to hold on for a number of years, next to a tiny Exxon station. Now both are gone, and few who pass even know what was once there.

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The Railroad Tower At Main Street