The Bergen-Passaic Expressway

The Bergen-Passaic Expressway

Journeys into Hackensack

Now it is a fact of life – taken for granted. But there was a time in the 1950’s and 60’s when what is now accepted as Route 80 was very much in question.

At that time it was called the Bergen-Passaic Expressway but it’s path was up for grabs.

The attached articles found at (thank you), under the heading “Expressway to cut thru City's heart!’, indicate that at one time the road was supposed to be routed to cut through Hackensack and Maywood just north of the Susquehanna tracks - specifically, in the vicinity of Central Avenue.

According to this 2010 posting by BLeafe at , speculators were trying to buy up property along that street in Maywood while hundreds of people met at the Hackensack Civic Center.

The articles cited were on the front page of The Bergen Evening Record on April 21, 1955. The Hackensack article continued on another page, which cannot be found.

Interesting stuff, and as the BLeafe concluded, “Hard to believe that anyone thought that was a good place for a highway”.

The Bergen-Passaic Expressway

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Also for background on the origins of what is now I-80 through Hackensack see:

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