Remembering What Was There: United Van Lines (Holman Moving Systems) Building

Remembering What Was There: United Van Lines (Holman Moving Systems) Building

Journeys into Hackensack

After too many false starts, it finally appears that Hackensack may truly be on the threshold for a long hoped for positive change. Many projects have been started and more are said to be on the way.

There are construction sites up and down Main Street and adjacent streets. There is hope and anticipation in many quarters.

As this happens we find ourselves at times disoriented by what has left us in order to achieve the hoped for improvement.

So, while we too hope for the best, we want remember what is passing. In many instances, there are stories and memories - even if limited to part of the streetscape that many of us were accustomed to.

The picture above is of the one-story brick warehouse at the corner of Main and Anderson streets directly across from Sears. The property stretches back to Maple Avenue. It was for a long time used by Holman Moving Systems and United Van Lines.

If things go according to plans, it will be replaced by a new project: a 6.5-story multifamily development at 439 Main Street; when completed, the all-residential building with 371,900 sq.ft. of floor area will include 235 units.

That old building was pretty non-descript, but somehow it worked as a partner to Sears to welcome one into Hackensack's downtown. I am surprised to say that though I am looking forward to seeing what the new project will look like, I will miss the old thing.