Remembering What Was There: Rudy's Restaurant

Remembering What Was There: Rudy's Restaurant

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Rudy's on Anderson Street, now closed and being replaced by a new project just across from the NJ Transit train stop, was a steady and reliable pick for many. It was for my Dad who passed away in 1997. Flashy it wasn't - maybe a tad ornate when it fist started, but that, if true, was not noticed for long. It just was part of what Rudy's was about.

Rudy's was the type of place where a group meeting could gather. It was for a family looking to get out with each other. It was of a place and time before "Experiential Dining". In its time it was solid.

If one believes some of the most recent reviews, it might be fair to say that perhaps the place was coasting into its end.

A better way to recall it, however, is captured in this 2015 posting:

This is an established restaurant. Quiet and refined. Yes, there are many older patrons here but that's because they know they are getting a good meal and a good deal. It has been here for years and is a bit stuck in time. I have to admit the decor is a bit old fashioned but this place isn't for everyone. Dina and Spiro are very welcoming and treat everyone as a friend. We come here with friends and family and we can have a conversation without having to yell over the crowd. Every one we have taken here has liked it. Every meal we have had, has been great. Our only disappointment was with the lobster my wife got with the Surf and Turf. It was over cooked and dry. Spiro made good on it. The steak was great.

They offer a great take-out deal called 5 for $30. We have enjoyed that many times. It includes Eggplant Parmigiana, Baked Ziti, Chicken Special of the Day with Potatoes, Garden Salad with Bread and Butter. This serves 5 people. This all comes in catering type aluminum trays. It's a quick option for friends coming over and beats the usual pizza.

If you are looking for trendy, loud and crowded, look some place else.

This is how I will remember Rudy's. Actually I will remember Mom and Dad, a simple meal out and a feeling of contentment. For a couple of hours, all was good.