Passing: Hackensack Roofing Building on First Street

Passing: Hackensack Roofing Building on First Street

Journeys into Hackensack

The pace of change has picked  up in Hackensack. Much of the focus is centered on the Main Street corridor and those streets nearby. But there is a new project in the works over by the Medical Center (I still refer to it as Hackensack Hospital).

One of the casualties is an old building on First Street, not far from the high School, which for the last decades has been home to the Hackensack Roofing Company.

Rumor had it that the business was shutting down, but a recent phone call indicated that the roofing company is still going strong, all be it from a location on the other side of town on Orchard Street.

The old building is not being emptied and prepped for what's next - we don't know. I are led to believe that it might involve demolition as the Medical Center has big plans for the neighborhood as its campus continues to grow.

If the building does indeed come down it will end a long a  history filled life.

For over 90 years the Hackensack Roofing Company has been an integral part of the city scene - one of the local foundational businesses through many eras of ups and downs. It offered hometown services - and for many years it survived on a reputation taking decades to build.

The corner of First and Atlantic is a one of history beyond the roofing company building. It was the corner where the Hackensack Arena stood. The Arena was long known as the place to go for local roller skaters. Many of those old timers who recall the place are now gone but they used to relate to us young ones how it was important social spot in town - along with the movie theaters, the burlesque halls, the Oritani Tennis Club and the Y.

Today a page is being turned/ New buildings and new hubs for entertainment and commerce. The roofing company has moved, the folks who skated in the old Arena have moved on. The memories, faint as they be may, still endure.

Arena Photo Credit:  Matha Szalay Scannell

Passing: Hackensack Roofing Building on First Street