Changes Along Anderson Street Then & Now

Changes Along Anderson Street Then & Now

Journeys into Hackensack

I had not been down Anderson Street for a while. Though I had been aware of a new project in the works for the old Rudy’s Restaurant site, it was nonetheless a bit of a jolt to drive by the rubble – a pile where the once popular and longstanding eatery once stood. Some adjacent properties had been leveled as well – leaving me to rush to Google maps to try to connect with what was there before.

By chance around this same time I happened to come across a picture that caught my attention about a one-time legacy business just next door (actually across the tracks).

I grew up with Comfort Coal and Gas as a local fixture in River Edge. The “Comfort name was associated with River Edge at the time, as Comfort Cab was based here (with its classic white Checker Taxi Cabs).

The business moved up Kinderkamack Road from its home at the corner of Lincoln to Woodcliff Lake some four decades ago where it morphed into an auto rental business. Comfort Coal and Comfort Cab are long gone.

Interestingly, however, this picture of the Comfort Coal business predates its time in River Edge. That is where this Journey into Hackensack comes in.

Apparently, Comfort Coal was a long time mainstay in Hackensack on Anderson Street. I could find no information about when it moved to town, but the caption tells us that its stay there ended when the place burned down in a 1955 fire.

The business was not rebuilt there. Instead, the location became the site of a supermarket (Acme?)– now a Walgreens drug store.

As it was a big change for the neighborhood back then from Comfort Coal to the supermarket, so to is the pending change from Rudy’s to what comes next.

Changes Along Anderson Street Then & Now Changes Along Anderson Street Then & Now

Image Credit: and Maretha Szalay Scannell